Polish-Jewish Genealogy & Documentation

We specialise in obtaining historical information from Poland such as:

  • family trees: acts of birth, death or marriage – Twentieth Century and earlier;
  • pre-war family documents – address books, business details, taxpayers listings, identity papers;
  • Holocaust documentation, where it exists;
  • histories of specific communities in specific towns or villages – often local witnesses are located who remember life before and during World War Two;
  • tracing the movements of your ancestors before and, where possible, during World War Two;
  • establishing the geographical origins of your family.

We also liaise on your behalf with researchers outside Poland (in other countries of eastern Europe) and can provide you with historical materials from other countries around the world.

Our research includes migration histories and helping you to make contact with “lost” family members.

Among the hundreds of documents/facts that we have been able to locate are:

  • complete family trees containing original birth, marriage and death certificates;
  • school records of students from the pre-war period;
  • addresses of firms and business details;
  • identity papers of Jewish men and women during the occupation of Poland, many containing photographs;
  • elderly Poles who hid Jewish individuals and families in their houses during the war, some of whom have subsequently received the Medal of “Righteous Amongst The Nations” at Yad Vashem, Israel;
  • the “false” marriage certificates of Jewish couples married in Catholic churches during the occupation to hide their Jewish identity.