Editing your manuscript, doing the research for it

We offer an editing and research service that can help you prepare your manuscript for publication; or work with you to produce such a manuscript.

We also provide Readers’ Reports, with comments and suggestions, about your manuscript.

Lost Histories has contributed to the following books through research and/or editing:

The Other Side of Absence
by Betty O’Neil
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The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory
by Mark Raphael Baker
Sydney, NSW, Australia, New York
Flamingo, 1997
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Caged: A Story of Resistance
by David J. Landau
alias Dudek, Janek and Jan
Sydney, Flamingo, 1997
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My Father, My Father
by Bernard Marin
Melbourne, Australia
Scribe Publications, 2003

Trzy Imiona
by Rita Ross

The Sum of Three
by Rita Ross
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The Freedom Circus
by Sue Smethurst
Ebury Press, 2020